It’s crazy where life leads you sometimes, isn’t it? I never knew I wanted to work in marketing when I grew up. (And if I actually ever grow up, that would just be a bonus).

Here’s how it happened.

One day in 2016, I was doing consulting work helping a client get a real estate company up and running. I found myself doing that same thing for few other companies who were just getting started. In the middle of designing a project board, I realized that I really (I mean really) enjoyed doing graphics. Maybe it stemmed from my love of art growing up. (Yes, I still have those trophies hidden away in my closet).

I happened to be in a place in my life where I was looking for some joy and I had prayed for God to show me something…anything. As I was working on this project, He answered me with Proverbs 2:4. Working on that project revealed a joy I had all along, but I was suddenly hyper aware of it – my hidden treasure. I had always dabbled in graphic design but never considered it something I could make a living doing. So I called a couple of friends who were graphic designers and asked them where I could learn more and hone my skills. I immediately signed up for classes. Not long after my consulting job had come to an end, I searched far and wide for employment but found none After more prayer, soul searching, and stock taking, I felt guided to open up my own marketing company.

Finding a name for the company was interesting, too. You might not know this, but I’m obsessed with the Tree of Life. Drawn to it. When it came to naming the company I wanted it to be something that honoured the Lord. Therefore, I wanted to name it after the Tree of Life. But guess what? Every name seemed to be taken! (Oak marketing? Taken. Tree Marketing? Taken. Branch Marketing? Taken). One day, after returning home from a trip to the Renaissance Festival and quite literally staring at trees the entire time, I researched the “anatomy of a tree.” What I discovered was that the very center of the tree – the hardest part that supports the tree’s growth – is called “heartwood.”

So that is our name! Heartwood Marketing Solutions…because we help support the growth of small businesses from the inside out. Today we have grown from a staff of one to an amazing team of creative talent to help deliver the marketing services we offer.

It’s been such a fun journey. I have the best clients and I have so much fun doing what I love.

If you have a friend or family member who could use help with marketing or branding, send them to Heartwood Marketing Solutions. I am never too busy for referrals. And remember to shop local!

To learn more about how I ended up creating a marketing company, watch this video.

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